A mood board is a collection of images that represent the overall look and feel of your brand (its essence) through imagery, colour, typography and layout inspiration.

It is a visual tool that communicates concepts and visual ideas. A good mood board is well thought out and planned and should give a cohesive visual place to start any design process.

Why Do We Use A Mood Board?

  • To build a clear design story to inspire the logo and brand process
  • To help clarify the design direction between designer and client for the project
  • Many clients aren’t used to thinking visually, so a mood board is a very efficient tool designers can use to communicate ideas
  • A mood board is a great foundation for creative projects. It helps to focus ideas, and help to define the project

Here are some examples of mood boards I have created for client projects. Notice how each one conveys a specific feel (look, vibe, overall impression)!?

Take a look at my folio to see how these mood boards inspired the design process!

Pinterest is a great place to get lots of mood board inspiration.