Your logo is one of the most important parts of your business’ branding. It is a visual way for your business to be instantly identifiable in the sea of competitors and helps communicate the personality of your brand. It is the visual cornerstone of your business. Read more about the difference between logo design and branding here.

A well designed logo will convey confidence and professionalism and will attract your ideal customers. It should be timeless and not too ‘on-trend’ or you will find yourself having to rebrand every few years. The best way to keep your business looking fresh is to keep your logo timeless and update your branding assets over time.

Let’s take a look at what makes up a logo – the anatomy of a logo.



The picture or graphic element most think of as the ‘logo’. It is a visual way to communicate what your business does or create mood.



This is the text stating your business name made destinctive by the font chosen. It should be easy to read and communicate the right tone for your business.



Used to describe what your business does if the business name isn’t clear. It can be included with your logo or not.

While the anatomy of a logo is nowhere near as complicated as human anatomy, it does require thought and skill to combine the various elements in a way that is balanced, visually appealing and communicates all it should for the business.

Here are some examples of logos with great anatomy:

SOURCE: Seed | Alma | Megan | Grae | Artizen | Luna

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Illustrations from featured image by BeeLoved Honey