lena’s massage

Massage Therapist Lena Small is all about using the healing effects of massage to restore the body and soul. Her website has been developed in two phases. First a single-page scrolling site. Then recently we expanded the site to a multi-page site to allow for more information for her clients. The site reflects Lena’s healing ethos through colour and imagery while keeping navigation simple and easy-to-use. Built on WordPress the site is not only beautiful, but simple for Lena to maintain herself.


I love love love the work Amanda has done for me.

‘… She took my old logo, kept the bits I liked and came up with something that really shows the spirit of massage.  The website redesign she did well over 12 months ago now, has stood the test of time and with subtle tweaks recently continues to draw in business for me.  She’s amazing and a real pleasure to work with.  I can’t recommend Amanda highly enough.’ 

Lena Small // Lena’s Massage