In a previous post, I have written about how branding your business is so much more than just a logo. However, a big part of branding is made up by a variety of logos which can be used in different ways to keep you branding consistent and fresh. These are the logo variations you need and how to use them.

Logo Variations Your Brand Needs


First up is the primary logo. This is the logo that is the main identifier of your business. It is usually the layout and design you like the most and is used wherever space allows. It will often include your business name, graphic elements, tagline and other important info. You can read more about the anatomy of a logo here.

USES: Printed Collateral, Website, Merchandise


This is a variation of the primary logo in a different layout format. In these examples the primary logo has more of a stacked/vertical design, so the secondary logo as more of a wide/horizontal layout. This can be used in spaces where a wider design fits better.

USES: Social Media Banners, Website, Email Signature, Merchandise


Sometimes known as square logo, this logo variation is designed to be used when you have a square or circular space for your logo, such as social media profile pictures. It can also be used as a watermark on photos.

USES: Social Media Profile Pictures, Social Media Posts, Stamps, Stickers, Website


A submark is perfect for small spaces where your primary or secondary logo would become too small and too hard to read. Your submark should be highly versatile and usually consists of monogram letters and a brand graphic in a super simple design.

USES: Website Favicon, Stickers, Stamps, App Icon, Social Media Posts


Another great variation to add extra personality and variety to your branding.

USES: Smaller Marketing Spaces, Social Media, Email Signature, Merchandise


A simple graphic used in small spaces as a decorative element in branded designs.

USES: Marketing Materials, Social Media Posts, Website

As you can see building out a full logo suite as part of your branding gives you so many options for variety, personality and uses all while keeping your branding consistent. Does your business have all these essential variations?


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