about afc

Helping passionate creatives share their purpose with heart-crafted design solutions.

Combining brand strategy and modern style to connect and engage with the right audience.

Originally started in 2004, the business has evolved and grown throughout the years. Beginning as a creative outlet that blossomed into a full-time passion. The purpose of AFC has always been to empower and support business owners across Australia and the globe, whether it’s with a whole new brand design or a strategic and stylishly updated website. AFC gives clients the tools to express themselves authentically and professionally.

After recently updating the name from Kaleidoscope Design Studio, Amanda Fuller Creative now encompasses all of my passions and ventures in the art and creative industries. This allows me to help even more businesses moving forward. Take a look at my art.

Being a small (I prefer petite) business you’re not just a client and you will never get passed around from person to person. When you work with Amanda Fuller Creative, you work directly with me and I am always on your team. I have a personal and approachable communication style and prefer to be hands-on during the design process.

I am honoured when people choose Amanda Fuller Creative for their business babies and trust my skills and experience to take their brand to new heights. I’ve coined the AFC style Confetti Covered Minimalism because it highlights the incredible extra detail and personality that I add on top of clean, sleek, modern design.

With Amanda Fuller Creative my goal is simple: to help you connect authentically with your customers on and offline.

hi! i’m amanda

and design is my middle name…


Ok, you got me, design isn’t actually my middle name but it definitely should be. I’ve been a creative soul my whole life, constantly making, crafting and trying new things and new ways to express myself.

I love that art and design can unite people all around the world and my passion for beautiful things led me to study interior design. Through my own passion project, blogging, I learned new digital and design skills and realised how fulfilling it was to create something from scratch and in 2004 I traded interiors for Illustrator and lookbooks for logo design.

Throughout my journey, my business has grown and my skills have improved but I’ve always remained true to my values and they continue to push me towards the projects that I choose. Believing in kindness, heart, community and faith.

I’m honoured to work with so many creative businesses and help them share their authentic selves and special skills with the world.

after 15 years in the design biz, I’ve been around the design block! So what does that mean for you?

  • I choose quality over quantity.
  • Confidence. Confidence in what I deliver, confidence in how it will improve your business and confidence in my process. I know the right questions to ask and I’m experienced at reading between the lines.
  • Having trouble describing exactly what you want? I’m intuitive and great at communicating so we can bring your vision to life.
  • I’m efficient. Having honed my skills and improved my processes on many different projects I can now deliver absolute quality quicker.
  • I’ve mastered the Adobe Suite and, if you’ve ever tried to DIY your own designs, you know that’s no small feat!